Top Four Web Design Trends in 2020

Everyone is getting creative when it comes to web design. Having a website has become the norm for many companies and also individual brands. However, it is not enough to just have a website. The site must express what a brand stands for and must be easy to navigate. If you want to design a great website in 2020 here are some of the top four trends that you will want to apply.

The Art of Imperfection

There is no better way to feel more human than to make use of imperfectly hand-drawn images to express emotion in web design. This trend was seen a bit in 2019, and in 2020, you are likely to find it more, since it connects with people and creates a sense of self-expressed designs.

This trend tends to give a positive vibe to one’s creation and makes the designs unique. It helps brands to stand out while still looking simple. It is therefore likely that hand-made or hand-drawn illustrations will give that messy, yet conversational, element to websites.

Dark Mode

Many popular social websites are already using the dark mode to enhance the UI on their sites. From YouTube to Instagram and now WhatsApp, you have the option to change your view from light to dark mode. It only shows how much this trend is likely to pick up its momentum in the coming years, and more so, from 2020.

Dark mode designs give websites that ultra-modern look, making colours pop nicely while remaining gentle on the eyes. This mode is better for OLED screens, with benefits such as extending the screen’s lifespan and saving power.

The Photography and Graphics Blend

Talk of creativity that merges with real photography. This trend is one that makes images memorable for any visitor that lands on a website. It also gives room for designers to explore their wild sides. The possibilities with such designs are endless. One can blend the look to add more charm or to make communication more abstract.

Photography personalises the design, while the graphics aspect adds more style and creativity. It is quite easy to attract people to a design with such blends, even for websites.

3D Visuals

3D visuals are not new in web design. Since people realised how easy it is to make a creation come alive with 3D designs, the trend has not stopped. The biggest change that will be seen in 3D visuals is its affordability.

Before, it used to be something for companies with big marketing budgets. However, with more people mastering the skills necessary and as we wait for VR to get more cost-effective, 3D will rock web visuals for a while. The trend is great for UX, which makes websites interactive, allowing visitors to stay longer.

Spice Up Your Web Design in 2020

Visuals, 3D effects, vivid colours and many more trends will bring more style to web design in 2020. If you want to create a fantastic website in 2020, then these trends are a good starting point.