Tips on Choosing an Animated Video Explainer Video Company

Now, more than ever, getting it right with your marketing strategies is extremely crucial. This is even more critical for animated videos since you only need a few seconds to make a good impression and send the message home. Different animated video explainer companies promise to offer precisely what you want but fail to deliver. This is why you need to get a company that is right for your business.

The searching process is never easy, and you will have several offers at your doorstep. With the following tips, you will be able to verify your options and land the right animated video explainer company.

First Dig Within

Saying this out loud can sound like a tip that does not make sense. You are not an animator, so what do you have to offer yourself? The truth is, as long as your goals for what you intend to accomplish with the animated video are not specific, you will always land on the wrong help. Ask yourself some critical questions such as what do you expect to accomplish with the video? Or what is the best way to communicate with your potential clients?

Such questions will help you clear the clutter that blocks the simple truth behind why you are looking for an animated video company. A video that seeks to educate the clients and one that aims to share testimonials are totally different.

Review Potential Companies

Tip number one will help you have a list of several potential companies. Second, you need to start narrowing down your potentials to more reliable options. This is where reviews come in. Check previous creations from your listed options and look for the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Consider the professionalism and quality of every work. Look at how the videos align with the client’s expectations as well. Animation trends are constantly changing and becoming more immersive. As a company, you may decide to even add an immersive experience after the animated video so that you can build brand loyalty. Therefore you might need to get a company that offers more than just explainer animation videos. So as you search for an animated video developer, it is good to get one that offers something extra that you can add to your marketing strategy.

Get Testimonials

If it is possible, contact some of the clients that your potential choice has worked for. Ask about their interactions and the entire production process. How did the company treat them? Was it teamwork, or did they leave everything for the production team to handle? Were there any follow-ups afterwards? Customer experience is part of the quality of services offered. If this fails, then the relationship is not worth it.

The Triple-A Rule

Finally, check whether the company is Aaffordable, Available and Active. Keep in mind that affordable is not cheap. When it comes to your budget, always try to strike a balance with quality. Also, the company has to have time for you; else, they will do a rush job, making you disappointed with the end-product. Active means that you will be in constant communication with the production team.


Not everything will be black and white from your first meeting with an animated video explainer company. Therefore, take time to learn who they are and how they operate before you commit. Finally, try to keep it fun for the best results.